Monday, February 25, 2008

On Chesil Beach

This quick read was definately not my cup of tea. I have tried in the past to read Ian McEwan and never managed to finish one of his books. That being said, I did mange to trudge my way to the finish line with this one - though barely.

My mom always told me that if I had nothing nice to say to say nothing at all. This is going to be one of those times that I follow her advice. Isnt it nice to know that we all have our own opinions and thankfully (for Mr. McEwan) mine is but one on the reading highway.

Lollipop Shoes

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Publishers Weekly
Harris revisits characters from 1999's bestselling Chocolatin this equally delectable modern fairy tale. More than four years have passed since Vianne Rocher pitted her enchanted chocolate confections against the local clergy's interpretation of Lent in smalltown France; since then, Vianne has renounced magic, changed her name to Yanne Charbonneau and moved with her two daughters to Paris's Montmartre district. There, Yanne embraces conformity and safety, much to the dismay of her increasingly troubled older daughter, Anouk. When Anouk becomes entranced with Zozie de l'Alba, an exotic itinerant who happens upon a job at the new shop, and the relationship grows increasingly sinister, Yanne must call up all of Vianne's powers, culinary and mystical, to save her family. Harris again structures the narrative (told in alternate chapters by Zozie, Yanne and Anouk) around a liturgical season (in this case Advent). Harris gives fans much to savor in this multilayered novel, from the descriptions (including Yanne's mouthwatering chocolate confections, Zozie's whimsical footwear and Anouk's artistic efforts) to the novel's classic, enduring theme of good vs. evil-and the difficulty of telling the difference.

This Book is Titled The Girl With No Shadow on this side of the pond.

Finished this enjoyable read last week. I think that I enjoyed it just as much as Chocolat. I had lent this book to a friend to read before me and her comment was that it felt like it was set in the wrong time period and that she was not sure that she liked the dark tone of this sequel.

I would agree that The Lollipop Shoes definately had a much darker tone then Chocolat, but it pulled me in just a quickly. I enjoyed spending time with Vianne and Anouk again, and even found myself (at times) being charmed by Zozie de l'Alba. Author Joanne Harris has once again taken me from my living room couch to the heavy sweet smell, taste, and atmosphere of a small chocolatier. And of course I found myself enjoying just a little bit of chocolate along with this book.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Made for Cuddles

Another busy week. Oldest son Cam came home to have surgery on his eardrum and the gruesome twosome (Spencer and Hailey) came for a one week visit. Its been hectic but nice to have everyone home. Between all my running around, I managed to finish Cam's throw blanket before his surgery. He really liked it and could be found on the couch cuddled up in it for most of the week. This was a simple pattern to knit, just garter and stocking stitch. The difference in the bulk and texture of the wools ( 100% silk, 100% cotton and 98% Alpaca with 2% nylon) made this a very light loose knit but warm one as well. I am very happy with the finished product. Because of all the ends that needed to be woven in I decided to tie them together and make a fringe.

On the reading front I am reading The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris and at the halfway mark I am really enjoying it. For valentines day hubby gave me a gift certificate for Chapters, so off to one of my favorite stores I did go. I bought two knitting mags and a wishlist book along with a knitting book. I think I'm in Love. (he he he)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Slow Down the Clock

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Time to do all the things I love seems to be limited this past week. I did manage to finish two books since I last posted, one of them being The Rock Orchard by Paula Wall. Do you ever pick up a book more for the cover then the blurb on the jacket cover?? I do, and this was one of them.
"Some women can touch a man and heal like Jesus. The man who sees sunrise from a Belle women's bed will swear he's been born again."

"So begins Paula Wall's funny, poignant, and sexy novel, 'The Rock Orchard'. Musette Belle could lay her hand on a baby's heart and see his life as if he'd already lived it. Even in death, she continues to shock the good citizens of Leaper's Fork, tennessee, and her descendents are doing their best to carry on her legacy. Angela Belle, a haunting and beautiful siren, lures every man she meets into greatness, while her illegitimate and very independent daughter, Dixie, serves tea and vanilla wafers to the statue of the Confederate soldier she believes is her father. But when Charlotte Belle, a woman who would rather spend the night with Jack Daniel's than any man she knows, seduces a stranger in the cemetery, it not only transforms the two people involved but the entire town."

This had sat in my TBR pile for far to long so I decided to add it to my goal list of books to read this year. I'm glad I did because this was mainly a story about strong women, and more to the point the 'Belle' Women. This had a tinge of southern to it and a whole lot of chuckle out loud phrases but, it also had a story that made me think. I have put Paula Wall's next book in my wishlist and look forward to reading it.

I also finish Blood on the Tongue by Stephen booth. I wasn't as interested in this story as the first two that I read in this series. It was an average read but seemed slow paced to me. Booth continues to develop his characters Ben Cooper and Diane Fry and I do enjoy their little quirks but wish that this novel had of been set at a faster pace. Just my opinion and it certainly wont stop me from trying number 4 in the series.